Launch of the AegisLegal blog

AegisLegal is a law firm located in Budapest, which was originally envisioned in autumn of 2020 by attorneys Stella Simon and Gabor Perger. Although both attorneys ran their own individual law firms, they were confident that it would be more beneficial to collectively utilize the synergy in their knowledge.

The law firm took shape after many months of preparation and work and was finally ready to be given a name. The firm had only just concluded a lengthy capital investment transaction in which our client was in a financially vulnerable situation. Upon completing the transaction, the client turned to us and said: “Allow me to thank you for acting as my shield for the past year and protecting me from accepting otherwise unfavorable conditions.” Since Aegis is a shield in classical mythology, we decided that this name would be most befitting for our firm.

Attorney, Stella Simon, has had the opportunity of working in a number of different areas: she began her career in public administration, and then joined the ranks at an international law firm, from where she then joined a mid-sized Hungarian law firm. Her expertise are mainly with niche legal areas such as trusts, capital markets (stock market law), and competition law. She has shared her experience relating to trusts on the website:

Gábor Perger is an attorney with over 15 years of experience in capital markets law (stock market law), M&A transactions, as well as in company law. His clients include and have included Hungarian small and medium sized companies as well as subsidiaries of foreign companies.

The AegisLegal law firm acquired its near current form in March 2021 but was then forced to expand with an attorney and a tax advisor in May 2021 due to the influx of business.  At the launch of the website and blog, the law firm now boasts a total of 4 associates.

Apart from the fact that the choice of name has a story, it also expresses a great deal. Our clients often find that the law is elusive, difficult to comprehend, and quite vague. They also believe that there is no guarantee in the end result, or even that one can get lost in the complexity of it. It is the creed of the attorneys and tax advisors, who work at the AegisLegal law firm that we stand next to our clients, we escort them along the entire case whether that be a corporate acquisition; the issuing of stock market shares; or an investigation by the competition authority, all the while providing you with the best of our expertise in order to protect you.

The launch of the blog is an especially joyous occasion for our firm because we are also committed to sharing our knowledge with others and in this way, to assist domestic enterprises. We are confident that you will find our articles useful.