Management consultant​

Economist, Budapest University of Economics Faculty of Finance

Jurist Doctor, Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law

Tax advisor

Specialist of public procurements

Registered Accountant – HAS, IFRS and financial institutes

english, french

taxation-, accounting-, company law, public procurement

After my studies, I worked for several multinational companies in various areas of finance,
such as Philip Morris, Kodak, UPC, Bongrain, Wincanton. Since 1997, I have been working as
CFO charged as the leader of finance and legal activities, and sometimes as leader of HR
and IT activities too. I managed several M&A transactions, restructurings, capital increasings,
bond issuances. I gained public procurement experience at state-owned Hungarian State
Highway Ltd. and one of the leading companies of information technology market called
Kürt Ptc. As a capital market advisor, during the last few years I was involved in thed listing of
several companies on the Budapest Stock Exchange with special regard to due diligence,
preparation of Information Document (Prospectus) and other legal documents of the IPO
process (dematerialized share creation and allocation, company registration process, capital
market registration, listing documentation, etc.), making company and apport valuation,
drafting of capital market announcement, annual report, investors presentation. As in-house
financial advisor, I have prepared the Client’s organization for the expectations of Budapest
Stock Exchange in financial, taxation, controlling and accounting point of view. I put in the
method of cash management, controlling, treasury and other back-office activities. I
established the internal regulation, manuals, and I created strategic-, long-, and short term
budgets, annual reports.