Cooperating lawyer

I graduated from law school and acquired my law degree from the Pázmány Peter Catholic University, after which I worked at a law firm, which concentrated on financial law and one where I could also become acquainted with real estate law and real estate condominium law. After a short period in government administration, I worked for many years at an issuer of securities performing duties as an investor contact and a legal director.  During this time, I worked mainly with civil law cases, more specifically contractual-, company-, data protection-, and stock market law along with the legal support during acquisitions. In 2021, I established my own law firm. Presently, besides working as a legal advisor for the issuers of securities, I am in an ongoing legal cooperation with Aegis Legal, where I assist in the issuing of bonds, as well as the advisory and preparation of legal documents related to stock market entry of a company and the issuing of stocks.