We think in structures.

Every legal design begins with a vision that was once conceived by those who stand behind it. Our clients build structures irrelevant of the sector and the enterprise, irrelevant of its lifecycle or whether it is located in a traditional or innovative field, and irrelevant of whether the structure is a family business or one that functions on the capital markets; in the end they all wish to transfer the gains they have achieved on to the forthcoming generations. It is our job to understand the desires and ambitions of our clients and to create those within the most appropriate legal structures.

@AegisLegal is the partnership of multiple independent law firms, which was formed in 2020 by dr. Stella Simon and dr. Gábor Perger for the purpose of offering their expertise to clients under the flag of a new legal brand.

It is our intention to offer company owners and executives highly specialized legal services with auxiliary strategic advisory in those complex situations which demand this kind of structured legal thinking: in the field of business transactions, capital markets and trust structures.